Helical bevel gear and gear motors

Benzlers K Keglehjulsgear

Product specifications

Feture Data
Sizes 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 15 and16
Power Up to 160 kW
Torque Up to 50 000 Nm utgående dreiemoment
Gear ratios Up to 160:1 i tre trinn, 10 000:1 i fem trinn, og 36 000:1 i seks trinn
Motor sizes IEC, from size 63 to 280
Special features Available in the ATEX version.

Series Benzlers K helical bevel gear units are the right energy efficient solution for both light and heavy industrial applications.

The product program offers a myriad of combination possibilities, as well as all types of installation configurations.

Use of the standard IEC motors provides access to a wide range of motor configurations, e.g. brake motors, motors with external cooling, especially energy-efficient motors etc.  Furthermore, there are advantages for the end-user, since these standardised motors can be easily obtained all over the world.

With a torque rating of up to 50,000 Nm, this gear type is suited to jobs both as a traditional gear motor and for use as an industrial gear drie with heavier loads.
Due to the design using angled helical gearing and traditional gear steps, the energy loss in this type of transmission is very low, and we can, therefore, classify the helical bevel gear as an energy-efficient gear.

This helical bevel gear is also included in our SWIFT series and shares components with the other Benzlers’ gear motors. The benefits are obvious, since a reduced number of components makes it possible to assemble several types of gear using shared components - that simplifies supply logistics and reduces delivery times.

All housings are of cast iron.

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